Certificate in Applied Neuroscience

Accredited Professional Development for Coaches, Leaders, Educators and Trainers

How would you like access to practical, step by step neuroscience training, to enhance your skills and accelerate your success?

Join me as we explore the world of Applied Neuroscience by drawing on the latest brain-based research, for real-world results!

Ramon David, MSc
Founder, BrainFirst

Get the latest science, the latest practice, the very best applied neuroscience education anywhere, with version 3.0 of the Applied Neuroscience Program.*

The field of neuroscience is constantly expanding, and new research is being conducted daily.

The Applied Neuroscience Program 3.0 contains more training material, more strategies, more tools, all delivered in a brain-friendly way!

Learn the principles, apply the strategies, get the results!

Each module contains comprehensive, yet brain-friendly, video and audio training sessions to maximize learning. Access anytime, on any device!

*Students will also receive any future program updates

"I love how neuroscience research can be workable in the real world. I have done several courses in this area and have found Ramon’s grasp of neuroscience and his practical examples of how to apply them in different situations exceptional. He makes it easy to integrate them into my thinking and practice. A great teacher!"

Karen Livey

Online Professional Practice Program

Step-by-step practical neuroscience training and education with a 6 Week Fast-Track Certificate in Applied Neuroscience.

Note: The 6 week professional practice program is a fast-track program. The program could be spread over 12 weeks or more. However, we have considered the benefits of immersion vs distributed training to create an optimal learning experience. We recommend immersing yourself in the applied neuroscience training for 6 weeks, then going back through the program to master each area in your own time.

Interactive Training

In addition to the comprehensive online training program, the Certificate in Applied Neuroscience includes 6 weeks of online interactive Zoom calls.

We also cap the number of participants on the program, for a better learning experience. A maximum of 15 people per live call means that we can explore topics in-depth, and there's no talking over one another.

Note: You do not need to attend the live sessions to achieve the Certificate in Applied Neuroscience. See FAQ's for details.

"Ramon’s real-world approach makes the science easy for me to begin utilizing immediately with every client who walks through the door, and to feel confident in knowing it's backed up by proper testing! - One of the best decisions of my career and we are just getting warmed up. Thanks Ramon!"

Jonny Dupre

Practitioner Tools

Each module comes with practitioner tools to help you implement what you learn, and apply neuroscience in your practice.

Tools include brain-based cheat-sheets, assessments, powerful-questioning examples and more.


For those who like to dive deeper! Every module comes with recommended books, as well as relevant brain-based studies and research for further reading.

"Cutting-edge neuroscience! It is presented in a way that is a joy to learn, understand, and apply it practically - whether you like to watch, listen, or read - and a private club to maximize one's learning strengths."

Bryan King


Connect with your peers in our private support community and forum.

Discuss neuroscience application, ask questions, and stay up-to-date with the latest neuroscience research.

Become Certified

If you wish to become certified you will be required to submit an assignment.

The assignment is not a "test", but a written reflection of your journey as you apply neuroscience in your practice. It is designed to enhance your skills, not be a test of your memory.

Registered with ICF? The Certificate in Applied Neuroscience awards 24 International Coach Federation CCE Points.

Applied Neuroscience Program 3.0

Core Modules

Forget the heavy neuroscience textbooks! Jump-start your journey with the Applied Neuroscience 101 Fast Start sessions on:

  • The fundamentals of Applied Neuroscience: from theories to models to practical application.
  • Applying neuroscience research in practice.
  • Brain function, structure, and connectomics.
  • The essentials of neurochemistry, neuroplasticity and change.
  • Organizing principles of the brain we can use for real-world application.
  • Applied neuroscience frameworks for practical application.
  • Essential brain processes every coach needs to know.
  • Working with top down and bottom up processes for facilitating change.

Learn how we can work with the brain's emotional system for better brain health, happiness and high-performance.

  • Why emotional dysregulation prevents someone from leading a self-directed life of achievement and fulfillment.
  • Theory of Constructed Emotions: understanding and working with this revolutionary brain-based science.
  • The 6 forms of emotion regulation, and which ones work best according to neuroscience.
  • The 3 types of cognitive reappraisal, and how to apply them.
  • Why emotional coping style is critical to overcoming obstacles and challenges.
  • The impact of emotion on grit: lessons from Ramon’s Applied Neuroscience research study.
  • Overcoming the negativity bias and shifting persistent problems using brain-based re-association.
  • Accessing “more brain” resources for effective decision-making.

Working with top-down processes and mindful attention for stress management, overall well-being, and increased mental performance.

  • Why mindlessness is at the root of many problems, and how to use directed-attention to solve them.
  • The two neural networks associated with how we experience the self, and how to work with both.
  • Working with executive attention (perfect for clients to benefit from mindfulness without meditating).
  • Everyday mindful activities that train attention quickly and effectively.
  • Why working with attention is the fastest way to create neuroplastic change, and exactly how to do it.

Learn about the habits of brain health that impact lifespan, health-span, and performance.

  • How to achieve deep restorative sleep, to perform at your best.
  • Brain-based nutrition: inflammation, antioxidants, polyphenols and more!
  • One simple practice that keeps our brain healthy, life positively engaged, and heart full.
  • Habits that boost productivity (and why energy is the most precious resource, not time).
  • The habits that support emotion regulation, increase cognitive performance, and make mindful practice easy!

Thought-modalities for accelerated problem-solving: the how, why and when of insight and analytical thinking.

  • The brain on problems: why prevention is better than cure.
  • The 4 levels of communication, and why you must be using number 4 when asking questions.
  • The 3 pillars the NeuroCoach uses for coach-to-client communication to be most effective.
  • The 2 neuroscience-based processes for facilitating insight-solutions to problems.
  • How to mitigate biases and check insight-solution accuracy.

Working with motivation, goal-setting and habit formation.

  • The importance of having a vision for life, and how to live by core values.
  • Self Determination Theory and working with intrinsic motivation (and when to use extrinsic motivators).
  • How to reduce goal conflict by matching values and goals.
  • How to match goal-setting to the goal type: when to use SMART, GROW, Performance, and Mastery Goals.
  • Coaching to the Positive and Negative Emotional Attractors: when to work with personal vision vs action-orientation.

Bonus #1: Neuroscience of Leadership Masterclass

Gain access to the BrainFirst Neuroscience of Leadership masterclass.

In this in-depth 90 minute training we look at different models of brain-based leadership, that you can apply in practice.

Bonus #2: Achievement Accelerator Masterclass

Gain access to the BrainFirst Achievement Accelerator masterclass.

In this in-depth 90 minute training, we'll identify the top barriers to success AND how to achieve any goal, the brain-based way!

"The program is so worth the investment! Ramon provides incredible detail in his lectures which enables me to both better understand myself and better serve my clients. He knows his Neuroscience and delivers incredible value in his teachings."

Emma O'Sullivan

Enrollment Opens September 24th

Last intake for 2020. Program commences October 11th









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Single Payment

  • 6 Week Fast-Track Certificate in Applied Neuroscience
  • Applied Neuroscience Training Program (lifetime access, and access to any future program updates)
  • Online Interactive Zoom Calls (with a maximum of 15 participants for an optimal learning experience)
  • 24 ICF CCE points
  • Private Community, Practitioner Tools, Research & Resources
  • Bonus Masterclasses:
    Neuroscience of Leadership
    Achievement Accelerator
  • Program Commences October 11th, 2020
  • Read FAQ's for important information prior to enrolling
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x3 Monthly Installments

  • 6 Week Fast-Track Certificate in Applied Neuroscience
  • Applied Neuroscience Training Program (lifetime access, and access to any future program updates)
  • Online Interactive Zoom Calls (with a maximum of 15 participants for an optimal learning experience)
  • 24 ICF CCE points
  • Private Community, Practitioner Tools, Research & Resources
  • Bonus Masterclasses:
    Neuroscience of Leadership
    Achievement Accelerator
  • Program Commences October 11th, 2020
  • Read FAQ's for important information prior to enrolling
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Frequently Asked Questions

Access the Applied Neuroscience online program (1 module is released each week, plus bonuses) in our secure training portal, so you can master each applied neuroscience topic before moving to the next one.

You retain access to the training material for life.

Live sessions for the Certificate in Applied Neuroscience can be accessed from any laptop, computer or mobile device. See "when are the live calls" below for more details.

No! Whilst this program does contain advanced training, the modules are structured in a way so you can start at the fundamantals and progress to more advanced material quickly.

  • 30 applied neuroscience training sessions total (5 sessions per module, which is approximately 2.5hrs per week for the 6 weeks)
  • Watch (video) or listen to (audio), whenever it suits you. Access anytime on any device.
  • 6 Weekly online live interactive sessions with Ramon David (90 minutes each).
  • 2 Bonus Masterclasses.
  • Training materials and downloads for each module.

Certificate in Applied Neuroscience: The program is accredited by the International Coach Federation. 24 CCE Points are available upon certification (17.5 Core Competencies and 6.5 Resource Development).

You do not need to attend the live calls to be awarded the certificate in applied neuroscience. You are, however, required to submit the assignment.

Live training calls for August cohort:
1. Oct 15th, 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern
2. Oct 22nd, 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern
3. Oct 29th, 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern
4. Nov 5th, 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern
5. Nov 12th, 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern
6. Nov 19th, 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern
(click here to check your local time/date)

If you are unable to make call dates/times, a recording will be made available.

The Certificate in Applied Neuroscience is a deep dive into the practical application of neuroscience for coaches, helping professionals, leaders, educators and trainers. Whilst you do not need any neuroscience knowledge, it does contain advanced material, and is considered a professional practice program.

If you are already an experienced coach/therapist/leader/educator/trainer, or want to explore the world of applied neuroscience, enroll in the Certificate in Applied Neuroscience.

The Brain-Based Coach Certification Program is a coach training program, combining applied neuroscience and solution-focused coaching.

If you are new to coaching, or want to become a brain-based and solution-focused coach, we suggest enrolling in the Brain-Based Coach Certification Program.

If, within the first 14 days you are not completely satisfied (and you have completed all sessions from the first two modules), you may receive a full refund upon request.

*see checkout page for money-back guarantee terms


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