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What Makes This Program Cutting Edge?

Our understanding of the human brain has evolved significantly over the past two decades, and neuroscience is more popular than ever before. While this is great news for those entering the field of coaching, it makes it more important than ever to get the right training.

We believe that coaching needs to be backed by evidence-based neuroscience, using a solution-focused approach, and delivered by coaches with well-developed client-centered competencies. With these 3 pillars supporting you, you will become a confident, knowledgable and skillful coach.

Brain-Based Coaching


Learn key applied neuroscience concepts: the how and why of the brain-based coaching process.

Solution-Focused Coaching


Help your clients establish, pursue and achieve meaningful goals with powerful solution-focused frameworks and techniques.



Cultivate trust, maintain presence and listen actively, evoke awareness and facilitate client growth.

Your 5-in-1 Brain-Based Coach Certification Program

This program is delivered over 16 weeks with a combination of immersive coach training, brain-friendly videos, a support community and resource toolkit.

1. Coach Training

The immersive coach training is conducted weekly, with a maximum of 9 participants per group (online over Zoom) to maximize the learning experience. Each session is comprised of coach-specific skills training, and practicing your new skills with a partner coach. See FAQs for dates/times.

An in-person training option will be available in 2021 in selected major cities.

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2. Applied Neuroscience Training

The applied neuroscience training is delivered in a brain-friendly video format. These videos are released weekly, and can be viewed from any device at a time convenient for you.

Two live applied neuroscience Q+A sessions are also held during the program.

3. The Coaches Zone

The Coaches Zone is our private community. Connect with your peers to discuss coaching and the application of neuroscience, ask questions, and stay up-to-date with the latest in research.

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4. Coach Toolkit

Your Coach Toolkit contains resources that will help you build confidence with your new coaching skills. Tools include cheat-sheets, guides, and a comprehensive manual that contains the processes and models that you will learn in the program.

5. Become a Certified Brain-Based & Solution-Focused Coach

To become certified you will be required to pass the ICF exam. If you wish to attain an International Coach Federation (ICF) credential there are additional steps to qualifying, which we can help you arrange. See FAQs for further details before enrolling.

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Core Modules

The Brain-Based Coach Certification Program modules delivered over the 16 weeks

Coaching & Applied Neuroscience Essentials

1. Coaching & Applied Neuroscience Essentials

You will learn about the coaching core competencies, such as how to evoke awareness and facilitate client growth. You will also learn how to structure a coaching session. We will explore the brain basics and applied neuroscience frameworks and processes essential to brain-based coaching.

Behavior Change & Committed Action

2. Behavior Change & Committed Action

Goal setting is a core concept in coaching. You will learn about the different types of goal-setting, and their strengths and weaknesses. You will also learn about key motivation concepts. This includes the brain states necessary for goal-setting and attainment, as well as how to help your clients become committed to attaining their goals.

Working With Values-Based Goals

3. Working With Values-Based Goals

You will learn key distinctions between goals and values, and how to set and work with values-based goals. You will also learn about the importance of client autonomy, and helping your client create a self-directed life of meaning and fulfillment.

Working With The Emotional Brain

4. Working With The Emotional Brain

Our emotional life plays a significant role in the pursuit and attainment of our goals. Developing an understanding of the emotional brain while building the relevant coaching skills will enable you to work with common emotion-related barriers to success, such as cognitive fusion and experiential avoidance.

Working With The Self

5. Working With The Self

Learn how to coach to the here and now. This is especially helpful for those clients who are ruminating about past failures or worrying about what the future may bring. Learn how to help your clients unload the weight of self-defeating thoughts and unhelpful labels by cultivating the habit of shifting perspectives.

Coaching Pivots

6. Coaching Pivots

This is a key module and represents part of our unique solution-focused coaching model. You will learn techniques for empowering your clients while feeling confident that you know exactly where to go with them in the coaching session, given their aspirations and the challenges they face.

Coaching in Practice

7. Coaching in Practice

Coaching can be applied to specific domains such as wellness, personal development or leadership, as well as common problems that arise when working towards goals, such as procrastination. In this module we will apply the coaching process to a range of different domains so that you can begin tailoring the brain-based coaching process to specific niches.

Ethical and Reflective Practice

8. Ethical and Reflective Practice

We will explore the coaching mindset: the attitude we bring to each coaching session, and to our clients. We will discuss key concepts such as integrity, confidentiality, continuing professional development, as well as examining the ICF code of ethics.

ICF ACC Credential

9. ICF ACC Credentialing

If you wish to attain an International Coach Federation credential, this module will help you to prepare for the ICF exam.

For further information on ICF credentialing please see FAQs below.

The amount of time dedicated to each module varies according to its complexity. Some modules eg. Behavior Change & Committed Action, may span several weeks, while others eg. ICF ACC Credentialing are delivered over a single session.

Your Program Trainers

Dr. Brian English

Dr. Brian English

Dr Brian English is a licensed psychologist with a Masters and PhD in applied psychology, an MBA in the management of organizational change, and is an ICF credentialed coach. Brian draws on over 30 years of experience working across many of the subfields of coaching to deliver training with enthusiasm, dedication and caring.

Brian is your Solution-Focused Coaching and Core-Competencies Trainer.

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Ramon David

Ramon David is the founder of BrainFirst® Training Institute. He has a Masters in applied neuroscience, and conducts brain-based research that has real-world application. He has delivered over 10,000 one-to-one training and coaching hours, over 2,000 hours of accredited group training, and trained over 1,000 professionals, coaches and trainers in a range of different fields.

Ramon is your Applied Neuroscience Trainer.

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